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May awareness month

Heavenly Father, as we enter into the month of May, I pray for your blessings to be poured out upon me and my loved ones, that we may experience your grace, peace, and joy each day.

Dear God, at the start of this new month of May, I lift up my heart in prayer, asking for your guidance and wisdom to help me navigate through whatever challenges or obstacles that may come my way.

Lord, I thank you for the gift of another month, and I pray that you would fill it with your love, light, and blessings, so that I may walk in your ways and fulfill your purpose for me on this earth.

O God, as we begin the month of May, I humbly ask for your strength and protection, and for the faith to trust in your goodness and mercy, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Gracious Father, I pray for your divine favor and provision over my life and those around me during this month of May, and for your peace to reign in our hearts and minds, no matter what lies ahead.

Almighty God, I offer up my prayers of thanksgiving and praise as we embark on a new month of May, trusting in your unfailing love and faithfulness to see us through each day.

Loving God, I pray for your healing and comfort to be with those who are suffering or in need during this month of May, and for your grace to abound in their lives, bringing hope and restoration.

May's Birthstones – Emerald and Agate
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May awareness month
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